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Dark Universe

Personal Project
This series of imagery were inspired by the book Astronomy 101.
The book introduced basic information about our universe to help people like me to grow interest about astrology. After finishing the book, I've decided to execute the fastest way to express and interpret my question of the universe. Pictures of universe are always in a burst of beautiful colours.

I thought why? And why not display time and space in monochromatic composition.

Planets —These are the planets we were told to believe in.

Parallel Earth —Earth as we know is the only planet that has life yet. 
I believe that there are planets that contain life out there within the galaxy. 
Or could there be a parallel space that has a mirror image of Earth?

Solar System —The media might not always tell us the truth about some facts.
We are always being told situation that is within our solar system,
but is there something happening out there that humans shouldn't know?

Nebula —The Nebula formed by gas, dust and other scientific terms caused by supernova from a death stars in the galaxy.
Looking at them just feels calm as they displayed beautiful sight of structured form.

Black hole —Every galaxy lies a black hole in the core of it.
It is as said that Black holes sucks whatever that are near its radius.
But could it be a new beginning of something that got suck inside?